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Changing lives through recycling: Plastics For Change 

Did you know over 3 billion people lack access to formal waste management? So where does this plastic end up? Well unfortunately, a lot of this plastic waste ends up flowing into our rivers and oceans. In fact, by 2025, there is expected be 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish in our oceans. But, this can change, we have a solution to address both plastic pollution and poverty. 

Plastics For Change is a social enterprise transforming discarded plastics into a resource for positive change. 

Together we can prevent plastic from entering our ocean bound waterways and improve the lives of millions of waste picker recyclers around the world.

Providing fair market prices to reduce poverty and plastic pollution 

Our system and mobile platform increases the income and well-being of recyclers in developing countries. We partner with sustainable brands to recycle our ethically sourced plastic into eco friendly products. 

Make your mark on the global landscape 

Choose Plastics For Change™ and help keep plastic waste out of our rivers and oceans while improving the lives of waste pickers in developing regions.


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At Plastics For Change we know that fair trade plastic requires consumer trust and confidence.



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Our transparent and secure, open book trading service builds trust and accountability.



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Plastics For Change is dedicated to the principles of sustainability.